Trade Shows & Conferences

Whether your exhibit is for public relations purposes, to pursue leads, or a combination of both, two things are crucial to achieving your objectives. First, stopping delegates from walking past your exhibit, and second, informing them of your message.
Failing to catch the delegates' attention translates into hundreds of thousands of pounds in potential sales literally walking right past you.
David Penn can create a unique presentation for your trade show stand that will stop people in their tracks and make them listen to your message while keeping them interested and entertained. By structuring his patter to suit your product, David ensures that the delegates are informed and entertained at the same time.
This can be done on a large or more intimate scale depending on your requirements.


Trade show magician David Penn performing on a stand. Note the competitors stands, which are all empty!

David Penn recently created an entire presentation, using 5 specially designed effects, to highlight the features of the new Amstrad Emailer . The world's press and media were present at this conference at the QE II Conference Centre in London and this resulted in thousands of pounds worth of publicity for Amstrad. More recently, David made the new T Series tractor magically appear during a conference for Valtra Velmet.

Whether you need an attention grabbing, delegate stopping effect at a trade show exhibit or a show stopping talking point for a conference, David Penn has over ten years experience in presenting products and concepts in a magical way!

Due to David's success, his client had officially the busiest stand at Olympia.

Download the Trade Show video to see David entertaining on the stand whilst informing the delegates about the company's key messages!

Organising a Conference?

As well as providing evening entertainment, David can act as your Magical M.C. for the duration of your conference. He will grab the attention of your delegates from the outset and also uses his magical skills to summarise your speakers' key points. David's motivational and engaging performance pieces ensure that your conference is more than just a forgettable day of PowerPoint presentations!

Recent Clients:
Avecho, Keycare, Virgin, Barclaycard, The Sultan Of Brunei, Royal Mail, Earl Spencer, Pizza Hut, Terry Suchard, Holiday Inn, Renault, Ford Cars, Alfa Romeo, BMW, Porsche, Rank Leisure, Wickstead Leisure, Bass Leisure, 3M, Weetabix, Stakis Hotels, The Belfrey, Coetec, Swallow Hotels, Hoar Cross Hall, Premium Search, Forte Posthouse, Allied Dunbar, Bristol & West, Chicago Rock Cafe, Scottish and Newcastle, Comdisco, Amtrak.

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Corporate magic client.


Corporate magic client.


Corporate magic client.


Corporate magic client.


Corporate magic client.


Corporate magic client.


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