Spellbound-The Worlds Premier Team Of Magicians

Spellbound are now recognised as the world's premier team of close-up magicians. They hold more honours and accolades that any other team of magicians in the UK. All the members of Spellbound are international award winners and have, between them, notched up over 80 performances at the prestigious Magic Castle in Hollywood.

Spellboud with David Berglas performing at the Variety Club Gala Dinner! Spellbound performing at a car launch.

Spellbound is the ideal solution for events that require more than one close-up magician and the performance quality of each individual magician is guaranteed. Spellbound have performed all over the world including prestigious venues in London, New York, Dubai, Zurich, Toronto, Istanbul, Las Vegas, and Sydney.

Magic is fun, interactive and an extremely memorable form of sophisticated entertainment. The world leaders in this field without exception are Spellbound .

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Close Up Magician - David Penn performing at The Magic Castle in LA.

David Penn is a member of The Magic Cirlcle.

E-mail: david@davidpenn.co.uk
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